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Are you familiar with waterproof flooring and its benefits?

Waterproof flooring is probably one of the most all-inclusive floor coverings available for many households. This product line also includes WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring that is just as beneficial and protective. With any of these materials in place, your worries about water damage are going to be over. And you don’t have to worry about sacrificing good looks or comfort to get it, either. The fact is, this flooring offers so much, you’ll wonder why you didn’t stop and consider it a long time ago.

Rendon Flooring is proud to serve communities like Green River, Sweetwater County, Rock Springs & all of Wyoming, all from our showroom in Green River, WY. If you’re in these areas, just stop by and see our extensive line of flooring materials and products. You’ll meet our friendly associates, whose business it is to make sure you get the most out of your floor shopping experience. With a few questions, you’ll find they can match you to the perfect material and offer services that bring it all to the perfect conclusion. Stop in today.
Waterproof flooring in Green River, WY from Rendon Flooring

Waterproof flooring does more than protect

The idea that you must live in a zone prone to flooding in order to get any use from waterproof flooring is simply false. In fact, installing it in every room of your home makes perfect sense when you consider the benefits. You’ll be protected against spills, accidents, dampness, and humidity, with no chance of losing your flooring to a leak or appliance malfunction. And yes, even flooding is not a problem if you have a flooring that is 100% waterproof.

Since you’ll have several floor coverings to choose from in this product line, you can expect the characteristics and benefits of each to be vastly different from one another. For instance, luxury vinyl planks and tiles offer excellent durability in addition to being waterproof, they’re super easy to install, and you have the option of simply replacing one plank or tile if damage occurs. With waterproof stone, the installation process is much more intricate, and you get an increased lifespan that can reach 100 years.

No matter which waterproof floor covering you choose, we advise that you look into professional installation. Our installers offer expertise in this area, with training and experience that allows them to do the very best job possible. They’re also courteous while in your home, and leave you with a stunning floor.

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