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The benefits of choosing sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is a modern floor covering that takes on vintage appeal. However, it’s not the flimsy sheet flooring of yesteryear that could rip and tear with little more than a strong wind. Today, you get the culmination of a floor covering that is simply gorgeous to look at, incredibly durable for those busy families and offers an excellent lifespan as well. It’s just as useful in kitchens and bathrooms as it is in living rooms and bedrooms, and offers appearance options that can match any decor.

Rendon Flooring offers an outstanding selection of floor coverings, products, and professional services so your flooring project will be everything you need and want it to be, through and through. Our associates will match your requirements with the perfect floor covering so that you’ll love the final result. From our Green River, WY showroom, we are happy to serve the communities of Green River, Sweetwater County, Rock Springs & all of Wyoming. Stopping in to see us is a great way to start your next flooring experience.
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Sheet vinyl and all the things you might know about it

One of the most beneficial aspects of resilient sheet vinyl is its near-waterproof character. Since there are no seams in the product, spills and accidents simply stand on the surface until you are ready to clean it up. For something as minuscule as water, it will even evaporate if left long enough, instead of ever going on to cause any kind of damage. Be advised, however, that it is NOT 100% waterproof.

In addition to fending off water and spills, sheet vinyl is also an excellent addition to your current decor scheme. In fact, the no-seam attribute to this material means that natural designs like the wood and stone looks are much more realistic. You’ll actually feel like you’re walking on the real thing. Other colors and patterns are also available, though, giving you true variety in decorating your home.

You’ll find sheet vinyl flooring very durable in other ways as well, including offering excellent resistance against stains. It’s low maintenance enough that a simple broom and mop will give you gorgeous results, leaving you with a like-new look for your floors for years to come. The resilience of this flooring makes it much more comfortable than other hard surface floorings too. Choosing an underlayment can make it even more comfortable.

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